Bingo, what is it?

Bingo is a gambling game that is known to players all over the world. In general, bingo is a classic in the world of gambling, everyone from teenagers to retirees knows about this game, as it can be played both in gaming establishments and at home in the family circle. Bingo is a game with the simplest possible rules where your luck is very important. 

Brief history of the bingo game

The official version of bingo is that the game originated in the United States. On one hand it is true, but on the other hand, only the name of this game actually appeared in the U.S. 

A game called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” originated in Italy in the early 16th century. Originally it was not really a game, because at first the balls were used to select members of the Italian Parliament, who would get into the High Council. Each balloon had a politician’s name written on it and then randomly selected which ones would get into the Council. Then it went into the populace and became an entertaining game. When the numbers matched people shouted “Bean go”. This word was the basis for the modern name of the game invented by the Americans.

Then the game spread throughout Europe. After Italy, a similar game appeared in France, which was popular amongst the wealthy, only with a different name, simply “Le Lotto”. Then the game came to Germany and continued to gain popularity on the European continent.

Only in the 20th century did the game come to North America. There, it was given its current name, and the game became known all over the world.

How to play bingo games

How to play bingo games

To begin with, there are many different types and variations of online bingo games, so the rules are slightly different, and sometimes they are not the same as the classic version. But we will tell you exactly how to play classic bingo, which is known the world over and from which other variations have evolved.

The main difference between bingo online and conventional live bingo is that the player is not playing against another person, but against a casino. However, there are also versions of the game where the gambler plays against other people online.

Before the game starts, players are given special cards on which a number of completely random numbers are written. Each player can have more than one card, increasing their chances of winning.

Then the game starts, balls are taken out of the loot one by one. If the number on the ball matches the number on the player’s card, then he marks it and crosses it out on his card. The game ends when one of the players is the first to cross out the numbers on his card or to make a drawing out of the marked numbers.

An important nuance is that the game will be paused only if the player who claims victory shouts the word “Bingo”. The game is then stopped and the challenger’s card is checked; if all is well, then he is the winner and receives his prize. 

Like any game, there are several variations of free online bingo, most of them invented by Americans, but there are also new ones that appeared not long ago. This game can differ not only in the number of balls, but also in the winning combinations and even the playing time.

This is the fastest bingo game, and the most popular among online bingo players. There are 30 balls and the cards have three lines and three columns. The player who crosses off the numbers the fastest wins.

This is considered a classic bingo game but is still the most popular in the United States and Canada. The cards in this variant have 25 fields that are arranged 5×5, with one being left empty. Consequently, each card can include 24 numbers. It should be noted that in 75-ball bingo, in order to win, one has to make up some pattern defined by the rules. Most often the first person who crosses out 5 numbers in a row or diagonally wins. 

This is a fairly recent variant of the game and unlike classic bingo it lasts much longer. It is the most common in the United Kingdom. This bingo is played with a 4×4 card with 16 numbers. It allows horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

This is the most popular bingo game in Europe. In this variant, the balls are numbered from 1 to 90. There are 27 fields on the cards, 15 of which are filled with numbers. The card is divided into 3 rows with 9 numbers in each row. The winner is the person who can cross out 5 numbers in one of the 3 rows.

Forms and variations of bingo games online

Due to the fact that bingo is a fairly popular game with simple rules and the possibility of winning real money, there are many variations. Sometimes they are very localized, for instance they are popular only in a small country, sometimes they are common in a large number of countries. In fact, there are a lot of different versions, but we will only tell you about the most famous ones.

U-Pick-Em Bingo

The idea is that players choose the combination they want themselves. They then compare it with the winning combination. There is no person who names the combinations the players must have.

Death Bingo

This variety involves a long game. According to the rules of this bingo, the players, on the contrary, must not have the same numbers. Basically, it is the classic bingo in reverse.

Bonanza Bingo

This form is very similar to the classic bingo game online with 75 balls. There are, however, some differences. They are in that the players are given 43 numbers at the beginning of the game and therefore the game lasts much faster than classic bingo. Also, this variant has a jackpot that increases with each round.

Blackout Bingo

This game is quite long, as players need to fill all the boxes in order to win. There is also a jackpot, which gradually increases.

Mathematical Bingo

Actually, a rather interesting and unusual variety, which is suitable for those who like to think carefully. The essence of the game is that the person in charge of the game tells the players different formulas from which they have to find out the number. So, in order to guess the number you need to solve a certain mathematical task.

Bingo jumping

This variation is played by 15 players, each of whom gets a random number from 1 to 15, which is repeated several times. The game is played only with the top row of cards. Therefore, the first player to get the top row wins.

Of course, as already mentioned, bingo is a game based on probability, so it’s difficult to come up with a winning strategy that works. However, we have prepared some tips to make your online bingo game as comfortable as possible and increase your chances of winning as much as possible. We highly recommend checking out our tips especially if you are a beginner. Here they are.

Often online casinos suggest getting to know the games they have on offer and allow players to play in a demo version. This is a very good chance for beginners, as you can understand how a particular bingo works, where to click and learn the other nuances of the game without losing your money.

Bonuses in general are a great way to win real money without losing anything. As for bingo bonuses, they allow you to draw more cards at the beginning and bet big enough without risking you. Keep in mind, however, that when you use bonuses you usually have to meet certain conditions, which vary from online casino to online casino.

It’s important that the casino you play at is licensed and safe, so that your game is as comfortable as possible. Try to choose an online casino with a good reputation and a high rating, which have a large selection of games (roulette, blackjack etc.) and free bingo games online.

Generally, the smaller the number of players, the higher the probability of winning. Because if there are a lot of players, and if everyone has picked up a few cards, more often than not the numbers will be the same and consequently there will be more chances to win.

Perhaps this simple action will help you win. Often people have their own lucky numbers that help them in some way in life. Think about those numbers that bring you luck and choose cards with them, maybe they will help you this time too. 

If you play with that mindset, you won’t get so upset if you lose. Of course, you should always hope for the best, but keep the worst-case scenario in mind. Remember that bingo is primarily a game based on luck.

Best online casinos with free bingo games

Everyone knows that the key to a good bingo game is a trusted and quality online casino. So, now that you know all about bingo, we suggest you check out the list of online casinos where you can find bingo games to play for free. All of the online casinos we will tell you about are licensed, and encrypted and they all have very good ratings. We offer to try your luck at bingo in the following online casinos.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

No, there is no effective strategy, as bingo is a game based on luck alone, so you cannot predict a winning strategy accurately.
The fastest bingo is 30 Ball Bingo. It is also known as mini bingo and the game duration is much less than the classic 75-ball version.
Yes, of course, it is one of the main conditions of the game. The game will only be paused after the challenger shouts the word "Bingo". If you don't, someone else wins.