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  • How to play Texas Hold’em?

    How to play Texas Hold’em?

    It’s no secret that poker is the most popular card game in the world. India is no exception. Several thousand Indian players prefer poker as their recreational game, and Poker Texas is especially popular. This is not surprising, because Texas Holdem rules are not particularly difficult, and once you understand them, players can not only […]

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  • What is Omaha poker?

    What is Omaha poker?

    Omaha poker is the second most famous variant of poker. Its rules and basic features are similar to Texas hold’em, but this type is much more dynamic. Omaha poker hands change greatly on every street, which makes players be highly involved and apply new tactics while in the hand.  Omaha poker types Depending on the […]

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  • Everything about Poker

    Everything about Poker

    History of Poker Poker is a card game that’s been around for more than 450 years. There is still some debate about the exact year in which the game was founded. Most reckon poker originated in Europe, in the early 16th century. Back then, players were dealt three cards each, after which the bets were […]

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  • Features of Three Card Poker

    Features of Three Card Poker

    Three card poker is one of the poker variations, like Omaha poker, that has become quite popular nowadays. The game is offered by many online casinos. Essentially, the game is played against the dealer. The number of participants at the table varies from 1 to 6 people. Moreover, it is allowed to play at several […]

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