Online Roulette Games Review 2022

Online roulette is one of the most popular games in the catalogues of gambling sites. Our experts have collected information for you about the rules, strategies, and odds of this game. You will learn how to play online roulette for real money and enjoy it in free mode. We will also talk about the possibility of playing against a real dealer. Use this information to your advantage. 

What is Roulette? 

Roulette can be called the personification of gambling. This is a game that any casino is associated with, and it is not surprising that it can be found in the portfolio of almost any gambling site. It doesn’t matter if it’s a virtual version of roulette, or an opportunity to play with a real dealer. 

It is believed that the idea of the game originated at a time when the famous scientist Blaise Pascal was trying to invent the perpetual motion machine. The word “roulette” itself was first heard in Paris in the XVIII century. Currently, this game is known all over the world. It is successfully played both in land-based gambling establishments and online. 

Roulette Casino Game has its green playing field. It is divided into red and black sectors, numbered from 1 to 36. Also here you can find the green sector zero (0). In the American version of the game, there is also a green sector double zero (00). The sum of all the numbers on the field is 666 (Satanic Number). For this reason, representatives of the church have a negative attitude to the game. 

Another important attribute is the wheel. It also has small sectors that correspond to the cells on the playing field. A ball is launched into the wheel, which eventually stops in one of the sectors, which determines the outcome. 

As you can see, everything is quite simple. You can easily play online roulette free or for cash. 

Where to Play Online Roulette? 

Where to Play Online Roulette? 

To play an online roulette game, you need to find a good online casino. This will not only allow you to get a choice of several titles, but also provide the opportunity to use the tremendous bonuses. If you are new to the world of gambling, then you may have a problem with the choice. The initial search will only confuse you because you don’t know how to select the right online casino to enjoy roulette. The risk of getting caught on a phishing site is high. The creators of such fraudulent platforms often use names and designs identical to the legal portals. 

However, we have prepared instructions for you on choosing an online casino, so that you can avoid unpleasant acquaintance with scammers:

  1. When choosing a site for enjoying online roulette, pay attention to whether it has a license. If there is such a document, then the company can be trusted because, in order to receive it, it had to pass verification;
  2. See if there is an online roulette in the catalogue of games, and what types of it can be played;
  3. Study the available payment methods. This is important because you should be comfortable both making a deposit and withdrawing funds. If you do not find a suitable option, then it may make sense to choose another platform for the game;
  4. Visit the Promotions section and see what bonuses are available to players. Perhaps some of them will be useful to you for enjoying online roulette;
  5. Find out about the available channels of communication with customer support. You may have questions or complaints (we hope you won’t), so you should be able to quickly contact company representatives to resolve them. 

You can also study user reviews of online casinos on third-party sites. But do not make a decision based on someone else’s opinion. Too positive reviews can be paid for. Negative messages can be left by people associated with competing operators. Plus, sometimes people get a bad experience of playing in an online casino through their fault if they inattentively read the terms and conditions with a bonus or make rash bets. Note that gambling requires responsible play! 

So, you have found a good gambling site. Now you need to start playing online roulette. You are separated from this fascinating activity by only a few simple steps: 

  1. Create an account. You need to enter your data, email address and password. We strongly recommend entering real data. This is necessary so that the company’s representatives can contact you. In addition, if your data is not real, in case of a win you will not be able to withdraw it;
  2. Confirm the account creation by clicking on the link that will come to you by email or to the specified phone number;
  3. Make a deposit using any of the available payment methods. Pay attention to the limits on transactions, as well as the time after which the money should come to the balance. Depending on the selected option, these indicators may vary;
  4. Go to the catalogue and select a variation of online roulette. You can play both in a virtual version and against a real dealer. 

Online Roulette Game Rules 

As we said above, online roulette has very simple rules. You will be able to figure them out very quickly, but we recommend that you practice for free. This will benefit you and give you confidence in the decisions you will make during the game. 

The standard round looks like this: 

  1. Players place bets by placing chips on sectors or their intersections;
  2. The ball is launched into a spinning wheel;
  3. Over time, the ball begins to slow down, hitting the deflectors. It stops in one of the cells of the wheel, and the result becomes known;
  4. If the sector (its colour or number) coincides with the bet that the player made, then this is a victory. Otherwise, the bets go to the casino. 

Types of bets 

Casino roulette players can place different types of bets. Some of them (Inside bets) are more profitable, and others (Outside bets) are more reliable. 

We recommend placing Outside bets. They are less risky, but the gain in them will be less. These bets include: 

  • Red/Black (bet on one of the colours);
  • Even/Odd (bet on even or odd numbers);
  • High/Low (bet on numbers 1-18 or 19-36);
  • Columns (bet on 1 of 3 columns s);
  • Dozens (a bet on 1 of 3 dozen numbers). 

Inside bets are considered riskier, but you can win a lot of money with their help. These are bets such as Straight, Split, Street, Corner, and Double Street. The riskiest bet is Straight. It implies closing a specific number with a chip. The chances of this are very small (in the American version they are 2.6%, and in the European version – 2.7%), but the payout in case of a win will be 35 to 1. 

In online casinos, you can play various types of roulette. We will tell you about the most popular of them. 

This option is very popular with both experienced gamblers and beginners because there are no double zero sectors in it. Due to this, the advantage of the casino over the player is reduced;

Here, on the contrary, there is a sector “00”, which increases the casino’s chances of winning, because an additional sector appears on the gaming table. But, this version of the game is also wildly popular;

There is also no “00” sector, but there are additional rules in this version of roulette. For example, you can return half of the bet if you bet on an even number, and the winning sector was zero. 

You will surely find many more types of roulette in online casino libraries. Carefully study their rules before sitting down at the virtual table. Otherwise, you may lose your money. 

Roulette in a Live Casino 

Roulette against a real dealer will give you a special experience of the game. It is usually available in a special section of the Live Casino, where you can also find baccarat, poker, blackjack and other types of entertainment. 

Live roulette wins against the virtual version of the game based on the emotions, atmosphere and fascination received. Here, it is not a Random Number Generator (RNG) that is responsible for the result, but a living person. This is a professional dealer who manages the process from a specially equipped studio. All his actions can be monitored with the help of cameras that provide a high-quality stream. 

You can use the Live Chat to chat with other players, as well as ask questions to the dealer. Some gamblers criticize Live Roulette because the gameplay in it is slower than in the virtual version (this is because the dealer manually performs all manipulations). However, this is subjectivism. People who want to play in the atmosphere of a real casino, even remotely, are unlikely to pay attention to such a minor drawback. 

Online Roulette Strategies 

Beginners in online roulette have probably heard about gaming strategies, and experienced gamblers use them effectively. We are talking about special techniques, knowledge of which can increase the chances of success. Don’t just think that by applying this or that strategy, you guarantee yourself a victory. If that were the case, then all online casinos would go bankrupt. 

There are several interesting and different roulette strategies in terms of effectiveness. We will give some examples: 

Martingale technique

The famous system is used in many gambling entertainments. It is considered a progressive strategy that carries great risks. The gambler must double the amount of the bet every time he loses. According to the plan, when he finally wins, he will receive the amount of the initial bet and win back all the money that he lost. However, the problem is that in an online casino there may be a limit on the size of the maximum bet. Plus, you may not have enough money in case of a prolonged streak of failures; 

D’Alembert system

This is a more reliable game technique. Here you need to increase the amount of the bet after the defeat not twice, but by a fixed amount that you determine for yourself before the start. The technique allows you to use the bankroll more efficiently and intelligently; 

Paroli strategy

The simplest system for beginners. You need to double your bet only after each win. If you have won three times in a row, go back to the original bet. 

Free online roulette is a great opportunity to have fun and not empty your wallet. In most cases, you don’t even need to register to try out a wonderful game, learn its rules and learn how to apply strategies. Here are the features of roulette online free mode:

  • Play for fun;
  • You are not wasting your money;
  • Registration not needed;
  • You don’t need a deposit;
  • The set of bonuses is limited;
  • You can’t become a VIP customer. 

We recommend that you start playing online roulette for cash only after you learn all the rules and secrets in demo mode. The cash game is much more interesting and more adventurous, you will see for yourself! 

Features to Play Roulette Online for Real Money 

It is roulette for cash that attracts gamblers of any social status and wealth in an online casino. And they can be understood, even one successful bet can change a person’s life in a big way. The cash game has its features: 

  • You may lose your money;
  • You can win big money;
  • Various bonuses are available;
  • Need to create an account;
  • Need to make a deposit;
  • You can become a VIP customer. 

Remember that the free mode is always available to you. If you feel that you have gaps in your knowledge of the rules, practice. 

Tips for Beginners 

Online roulette Tips for Beginners 

If you are a beginner and want to play roulette casino online, then you need to prepare. There is no need to admire the stories that someone managed to win a lot of money. Each gambler has his way, and if you want to have as few problems as possible on your way, then listen to our advice. 

Learn the nuances of the game

Online roulette doesn’t have the most complicated rules, but you need to know them if you want to succeed.

Play in demo mode

If you don’t have enough experience playing online roulette, this is a very valuable tip. It will help you hone your skills, try different types of bets, and learn how to apply strategies. In the end, you will be more prepared to play on the cache.

Do not drink alcohol

During the game, you have to be in good condition. If you are drunk, you will not be able to control yourself and your bets.

Be able to rest

You don’t need to spend a lot of time playing. Take breaks so that fatigue does not lead to a loss of concentration, and you do not fall into a losing streak.

Control the bankroll

No one will care about your money except you. Set a limit on the size of the bet and determine the maximum amount you are willing to play for. Do not exceed these limits.

Choose outside bets

There are many types of bets that can be made in online roulette, we recommend choosing favour outside bets. They will not bring big winnings, but from the point of view of reliability they are more profitable for the gamblers.

Strategies can be useful

When playing online roulette, strategies can be applied. They do not give a 100% guarantee of winning, but advanced gamblers use them to increase the chances at a distance.

Play at legal online casinos

It is not by chance that we left this important advice for last. This way it will be easier for you to remember it – play roulette only in trustful and licensed online casinos. This will protect your funds and personal information from fraudsters! 


Yes, you can use a roulette online free option to learn the rules of the game. This feature is available on many gambling sites. Usually, you don't need to register for this. 
The absolute majority of online casinos do not allow persons under the age of 18 to use their services. If you try to cheat a gambling company, then you will not succeed. Its employees can request identification documents at any time. 
Roulette has many varieties. The most popular types of this online casino game are the European, American and French versions. 
No, it is a table game. To play it, a special table and a wheel with a ball are used. In an online casino, you can play a virtual version of roulette, as well as try your luck against a real dealer. 
Of course! Roulette is one of the most popular games in online casino libraries. Millions of gamblers around the world play it for cash.