Online Slots Manual — All You Need to Know

This expert material contains information on how to play online slots for real money. You will learn about the rules and varieties of this fascinating game. We will tell you about the nuances of playing in demo mode and on cash, and also help you choose the best gambling site for enjoying online casino slots. We hope this information will be useful for you.

What Are Online Slots? 

Online slots are one of the most famous and popular games on gambling sites. They are followers of land-based slot machines. That is why the first such online casino games consisted of three reels. Now they can have three or more reels. The number of payment lines also varies. 

Rules of the Slots Online 

Online slots have, as we said above, several reels and pay lines. Before the start of the game, the gambler places a bet, after which he launches the spin. The Random Number Generator determines the combinations that will appear on the reels at the end of their movement. The game round takes only a few seconds. 

Combinations are made up of symbols that are represented on the reels. Depending on the theme of the slot (say, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Wild West, fruits, animals), these icons look appropriate. Also in advanced types of the game, there are special symbols that have a significant impact on the result of the spin. They can increase the winnings, replace one symbol with another, be added to the combination, etc. 

You can view the value of symbols in the options of the game you have chosen. You can use the bonuses from the online casino to get additional attempts for a spin or funds to increase your winnings.

How an RNG works? 

Each online slot is controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). It is fully tested by license regulators to make sure that it is random. Whichever slot you play, the RNG will determine which symbols will appear on each reel, so you see a different set of symbols on each spin. RNG has no memory. It does not know whether the player has won or lost, whether he sat down for the game 5 minutes ago or has been playing for several hours. Combinations are determined by mathematical algorithms. 

All responsible developers provide their slots for testing to well-known and reliable laboratories: 

  • iTech Labs;
  • eCOGRA;
  • GLI;
  • NMi. 

The software is undergoing a detailed check, during which the use of any manipulations is excluded. This means that it is safe to play slots that have passed such a check, and there is no deception.

What are RTP and Volatility? 

You’ve probably heard about the RTP (Return to Player) indicator. This value shows how high the probability of winning in the slot machine is and how much of the deposited funds of the gamblers will return in the form of winnings. As a rule, in an online casino, the RTP of the slot must be at least 90%. Usually, information about this indicator can be seen in its description or on the developer’s website. 

For example, the RTP of the game is 97.02%, which means that you can expect to pay $97.02 for every $100 you bet (in the long run). The advantage of the casino here is 100% – 97.02% = 2.98%. 

Another important factor demonstrating the probability of winning is volatility. Developers usually indicate this indicator in each title. Types of volatility are: 

  • Low;
  • Medium-Low;
  • Average;
  • Medium-High;
  • High. 

In short, slots with low volatility will pay smaller winnings more often, whereas games with high volatility will pay higher winnings, but less often.

Types of Online Slots 

Thousands of slots of different genres can be found in online casino libraries. Hundreds of new titles appear every year. They are created by famous developers who value their reputation and produce an exceptionally reliable and fraud-proof gaming product. 

These are studios such as: 

  • NetEnt;
  • Spinomenal;
  • BGaming;
  • Belatra;
  • Betsoft;
  • Evolution;
  • Novomatic;
  • Pragmatic;
  • Wazdan;
  • Endorphina, etc.

Online Slots differ in graphics, soundtrack, presence/absence of animation, theme, bonus features, presence of special symbols, RTP indicator, volatility, number of reels and pay lines, and plot (or lack thereof). But their primary difference lies in the type of game:

Classic slots are titles with a simple design, a little monotonous music and the absence of a large pool of bonus features. However, they are very exciting and are in great demand among gamblers. Moreover, these are not only beginners or people with a small bankroll, but also players who are nostalgic for the times of land-based machines. 

Such titles most often consist of three reels and several pay lines. They use classic symbols (for example, lucky sevens and bells).

Video slots are games with very beautiful graphics, unique effects and a memorable soundtrack. They usually have at least 5 reels and a lot of payment lines (usually from 10 to 20). Bonus features are present in these titles, as well as special symbols (Wild, Scatter, Multiplier and Bonus) are used. Another characteristic feature of them is the plot, which is not present in the variant with three reels.

When creating such slot machines, attention is paid to the game characteristics, plot, graphics, and animation, which in turn makes the gameplay of three-dimensional titles even more exciting and unrealistically fantastic in comparison with other variants. You won’t need 3D glasses to enjoy these online slots on your laptop or smartphone.

If you are looking for a game where winning can change your life for the better, then these are progressive jackpot games. The amount of winnings in it accumulates a share of each bet in a particular slot. Usually, online casinos show the actual size of the jackpot right on the promo image of the title. It changes in real-time. The most famous progressive jackpot is Mega Moolah.

The difference between MegaSpins and regular slots is that you play not one, but several games at the same time on the same screen. It’s incredibly exciting, but the risks increase significantly. The fact is that you need to place a separate bet on each slot. And if you do not control your bankroll, you will quickly lose all the money.

How to choose an online casino to play slots? 

If you want to play new online slots or famous titles, you need to choose a good gambling site or its official mobile application. There are several rules that it is desirable to follow in the selection process. This will allow you to avoid problems in the future. The main one is registration on a phishing platform, which will lead to the loss of funds and the transfer of your data to third parties. To avoid this, follow our tips: 

  1. See if the online casino accepts players from your country. This is the most obvious step you need to start with;
  2. Now you need to do a little search work. See if the casino has a license. This document is usually located in the most prominent place on the site. Its presence confirms the legality of the company and the honesty of its work with clients. This is proof that the gambling operator cares about its reputation and strives to build trusting relationships with players;
  3. Open the games catalogue and see if there are online slots in it. The more such games are available, the better. You can also see which providers cooperate with the casino. The sorting function by developers may be available on the site. If it is not there, use the search field;
  4. Take a look at the payment methods section. You need to know that you can safely deposit funds into the account and withdraw winnings in the future. A large number of banking options is a plus for a gambling site;
  5. Study the FAQ section, and also see which channels of communication with the support service are presented on the site. If you have a question, you should know how to get an answer to it;
  6. The next step is optional, but it will be useful for those gamblers who prefer to play from their phone. See if the online casino has its own application for Android or iOS gadgets. Study the technical requirements of this mobile client before installing it.

How to start playing slots online? 

To start playing online slots, you will need quite a bit of time, given that you have already chosen a suitable site for yourself. Then you just need to go through a few simple steps — these are the instructions. 

1. Create an account

Registration is extremely necessary to play online slots for real money. Usually, the process takes only a few minutes, the time depends on the number of fields that need to be filled in during account creation. You will need to write a login and email, come up with a password, and enter personal data (first name, last name, date of birth, gender, etc.). A link to confirm the registration will be sent to your email or phone number. After that you will be able to proceed to the next step.

2. Make a deposit

You must have funds in your account if you want to play online slots for real money. Choose from the available banking methods the option that suits you according to the limits on transactions and the timing of the transfer of funds.

3. See the Promotions section

Perhaps it makes sense to accept one of the online casino offers. If the bonus has democratic wagering conditions, then it can help you win more money if luck is with you;

4. Go to the games catalogue

Now you can start playing. Choose the title you like or use the search bar. Start the game! 

If you manage to win in online slots, then you will have to go one more step. This is account verification. Online casinos protect their platforms from scammers, so they ask users for identification documents. You can pass verification even before you start playing, which is what our experts recommend.

Features of online slots for real money 

Online slots for real money are one of the main forms of entertainment on gambling sites. You can spend a lot of time behind the spin of the reels, but we still recommend setting a time limit for the game. This will help you to enjoy the process in excellent condition and not only play for your money but also present for real winnings. 

Online cash slots have the following features: 

  • Playing for real money;
  • You can win a lot of money;
  • A full set of bonuses is available to you;
  • You can become a VIP client and receive benefits;
  • A special level of excitement;
  • Registration is required. 

Remember that losing money is very easy if you place thoughtless bets. No one is rushing you, play consciously and for your pleasure.

As we mentioned above, you can play free online slots at an online casino. Demo mode benefits not only players but also gambling sites. With its help, they attract new users to their platform, allow them to get acquainted with it and make them want to register. And here are the advantages of the game in trial mode for players: 

  • Try as many titles as you want for free;
  • Play for fun;
  • No registration is needed;
  • No need to spend your money;
  • You can finish the game at any time. 

One of the disadvantages of free slots online is limited access to bonuses and the inability to participate in the VIP program. But, you can get all this in the future, when you prepare for the cash game.

Tips for playing online casino slots 

Tips for playing online casino slots 

We would like to sum up and accumulate tips for you that will help you play online slots successfully. We hope this will help make your gaming experience more positive.

Play in reliable online casinos

If you choose a good site, you will be able to enjoy fraud-protected slots, accept generous bonuses and not worry about withdrawing funds after winning.

Try the demo mode

If you would like to try a particular title, then first practice in free mode. Despite the external similarity, they have differences in mechanics, bonus features, design, etc. You’d better find out before you put your money on the line.

Bonuses can be useful

There are a lot of promotions in the online casino, there are separate bonuses specifically for slots. Study the conditions of a particular offer, and if they seem easy to fulfil, activate it. If successful, you will be able to increase your winnings.

Control the bankroll

It is very easy to lose your head in online slots. This is a very exciting game, so determine for yourself the limits on the size of the bet, the total amount of available spending, as well as the maximum time for the game. Without going beyond these limits, you will protect yourself from losing all your money if you fall into a losing streak.

Pay attention to the percentage of payments

It is not profitable to play in online slots that pay less than 93%. It i Choosing such titles with an RTP of 97-99% is best ually, information about this can be found in the description of a specific title or on the developer’s website.

Tune in to the game

If you want not just to enjoy online slots, but also to try to win, then finish all your business before you sit down at the virtual table. Don’t let anything distract you so that you can focus on the process. 

Follow these simple tips and you will be able to avoid many of the problems faced by beginners in the world of online gambling.

Most Common Questions

When choosing the best online slots, pay attention to the RTP and volatility indicators. This will help you understand what is the probability of your victory in a particular title.
To play real money online slots, register with a reliable, licensed online casino or its mobile application. And then you need to make a deposit. You can also accept a bonus from the company to get a chance to maximize your winnings in slots.
Yes, for it you can open the mobile version of the online casino website in your browser. The second way is to install the official application of the gambling site. There is no need to download the slots, they will be launched in the lobby. You can play both for free and in cash.
No one guarantees you a win in slots online. It's a game of chances. You need to believe in your lucky star when you spin the reels.