How to Play Blackjack Online?

Learn information about the rules, varieties and strategies of playing online Blackjack. This game, like poker, is one of the most popular types of entertainment on gambling sites. We will tell you how to play Blackjack in free and paid mode, as well as share tips on how to bring success closer. Start reading now!

What is Blackjack? 

The first mention of Blackjack appeared around 1700. It is believed that it evolved from old French games called French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. The term Blackjack refers to the Ace and the Valt, the combination of which guarantees the player a win. In American casinos, this card game spread in the 1800s. However, it became really popular in the USA after the 30s of the 20th century, when gambling became legal in Nevada. With the development of the Internet and the creation of online casinos, Blackjack has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. Now it is one of the favorite types of entertainment on gambling sites.

Rules of Blackjack 

Rules of Blackjack 

Blackjack is a fairly simple game, its main rule is to collect a combination on the hands approaching 21 points, but not higher. It is important that the sum, in the end, was better than the dealer’s result. Players at the table compete only with a casino representative. Dealers play the game according to clearly established rules and cannot make any decisions. 

After the first two cards are dealt, the player can make one of the following decisions: 

  • Hit. Take an additional card. This is necessary if the amount on hand is small;
  • Stand. Stay with the available cards. The ideal solution if you have a strong combination in your hand;
  • Double Down. Increase in the initial bet (maximum by 100%). The user must agree to stop after receiving one card. In some variations of Blackjack, the rules prohibit this option;
  • Split. If a player has two cards of the same value after dealing, then he is allowed to divide the pair into two separate hands and play them independently;
  • Splitting Tens. The player can split any cards with a value of 10. But this is not a recommended move, it is better to leave a combination of 20 points on your hand;
  • Surrender. This option is used if the player is sceptical about the strength of his hand. 

According to Blackjack rules, if a player or dealer collects more than 21 points, then he loses regardless of the number of points from other participants.

What is the Value of Cards in Blackjack? 

To play effectively, you must remember this Blackjack chart, which shows the value of the cards. This is extremely necessary for building a strategy for the game and making winning combinations: 

Ace1 or 11

Remember that usually, an Ace counts for 11 points, but if the sum of points in your hand exceeds 21 with this calculation, then the ace counts for 1.

Online Blackjack is good because, unlike many gambling games, the result depends not only on luck. Players can use their skills and various strategies to bring success closer. 

This system is based on a mathematical algorithm that has been tested for years of use. By following its instructions exactly, you can achieve good results. This strategy is available in the form of a table that you can download, print out and check with it if necessary. The table shows the player’s actions that he needs to do depending on the number of cards in his hand and the dealer’s first card. Say, the gambler has 12 points on his hands, and the dealer has the first card 7. In this case, the player can ask for a third card. But if the dealer’s first card is 4, and you have 12 points, then it is recommended to stay with your sum.

This technique is very popular with gamblers, despite the high risks. The player must double his bet after each loss. The idea is that sooner or later he will win, which will allow him to immediately win back all the lost money and get the amount of the starting bet. The risks are related to the fact that the money can simply run out before the losing streak is over. There may also be a limit on the maximum bet in an online casino.

This is a progressive system that is in direct opposition to Martingale. The player’s task here is to play for his winnings + the initial bet. For example, he placed a bet of $1 and won $1. Next time, his bet amount will be $2 (1+1). If he wins, then the next time he places his winnings and the original bet again. In case of loss, the gambler returns to the original point.

This system is one of the most reliable for players. Its essence is to increase the bet by the same amount after each defeat. After winning, you need to reduce the bet by the same amount. 

There are many more strategies for playing online Blackjack. Study their nuances before applying them in the game.

Varieties of Blackjack Online 

In the history of online Blackjack, many varieties of this fascinating game have been created. Developers regularly try to refresh their rules by presenting new variations. Therefore, always pay attention to the nuances of a particular version of Blackjack before playing it for cash. 


This version is considered one of the most popular among gamblers. Its main difference from other options is that the dealer deals himself with two cards, and only one of them is open. He must open the second one immediately if the first card is an Ace or another card with a value equal to 10. The player has the opportunity to surrender at any time during the distribution of cards. Another feature is that the dealer must stand if he has a soft hand of 17 points.


Another popular variation. Gamblers love it despite some nuances in the rules. It is the most unpredictable in terms of chances because the dealer gives himself only one card (open to everyone). He takes the second one after all the players have formed the final combinations. This is considered an advantage of the casino. There are several other significant rules. Say, a player cannot give up if he has performed another action before.

Spanish 21

In this version of the game, there is one very important difference from other variations. There are no 10 cards in her deck. This significantly increases the advantage of the casino, and reduces the chances of the player.

Caribbean Stud

The game uses six decks of 52 cards each. The player has the opportunity to give up at any time, and the casino will return part of the bet to him. An important difference from other Blackjack variations is that here the Ace value is always equal to 1. 

As we said above, you can find many more varieties of Blackjack in online casinos. Among them: Switch, Perfect Pairs, Surrender, Single Deck, Atlantic City, Double Exposure, etc. You can always diversify your gaming experience by trying a new variation.

Features of Live Blackjack 

The opportunity to play Live Blackjack is one of the most enjoyable activities on gambling sites. Many players prefer this particular kind of game, rather than its virtual version. And they can be understood because they appreciate the following advantages: 

  • You are playing in the atmosphere of a real casino against a real dealer;
  • Unlike offline, nothing distracts you from the game – you are focused on success;
  • The highest honesty of the game — the actions of the dealer can be monitored in real-time;
  • High-quality broadcast — streams are conducted from a special game studio. HD cameras are used for this;
  • A function to communicate with both the dealer and other players via Live Chat. 

Playing against a real dealer has some drawbacks. Thus, the speed of the process is slower than in the virtual version of Blackjack, because the dealer performs all manipulations manually. You also need to monitor the reliability of the Internet connection. 

If you are new to the world of gambling, then you will surely be pleased with the news that Blackjack can be played for free. This option is available in many online casinos. They use it to try to increase their customer base. However, the benefits for the players themselves from the trial mode are much greater. That’s what free Blackjack is good for: 

  • You can play as much as you want;
  • You don’t need to create an account;
  • Your money will stay with you;
  • The opportunity to have fun for free;
  • Calm study of the rules;
  • Training of game strategies;
  • Finish the game at any time without fear of losing money. 

However, there are drawbacks to free Blackjack. There are fewer of them than there are advantages, but they are essential: 

  • You can’t win real money;
  • Access to bonuses is significantly limited;
  • Playing free Blackjack will not be included in the VIP program;
  • Not all variations of the game may be available in demo mode.

The good news is that you can combine both modes. Learn how to play for free, so that you can then be ready to put your money on the line and try to win big money.

Real Money Blackjack 

Blackjack for real money online is popular among gamblers all over the world. And they can be understood because this game allows you to use your skills to achieve big wins together with luck. Of course, success is not easy. It is better to use the free mode to learn the rules perfectly, know the cost of cards, and learn how to apply strategies. After that, you will have more chances to beat the casino. 

Blackjack for cash has the following advantages: 

  • You can become rich if luck smiles on you;
  • Full access to bonuses;
  • All variations of the game are available;
  • The opportunity to use game strategies to increase the chances;
  • You can become a VIP customer of an online casino and get a lot of benefits;
  • Playing with adrenaline;
  • The opportunity to play with a real dealer. 

Of course, there are disadvantages too: 

  • You can lose your money;
  • The risk of dependence on the game;
  • The need to play until the result, so as not to lose money just like that;
  • Account registration is required. 

We recommend playing online Blackjack for cash only after preparing in demo mode.

Online Blackjack Game on Mobile 

Online Blackjack Game on Mobile 

The development of technology has led to the fact that now you can enjoy online Blackjack anywhere, using only your smartphone and an Internet connection. Gambling sites not only offer mobile versions of their platforms but also release official apps for Android/iOS gadgets. Both methods combine the comfort of use and the adaptation of online casino services to the screens of any device. But they also have differences. 

Mobile version of the site: 

  • Opens in any browser;
  • No need to download and install anything on your smartphone;
  • There are no technical requirements;
  • Games are launched in the lobby;
  • Technical work may make the site unavailable;
  • You need to check that the password is not saved in the browser history. 

Casino app: 

  • Works without failures;
  • Setting up notifications about new games and bonuses;
  • No need to download games – they are launched through the lobby;
  • Switching between services is almost instant;
  • High level of protection, thanks to regular updates;
  • The phone must meet the technical requirements;
  • Takes up space in the device’s memory. 

So you can play online Blackjack both through the mobile version of the website and using the app. In any case, you will be comfortable, because you can launch the game anywhere. The only thing we recommend is to prepare for the game, because you may be distracted by calls and messages from friends and relatives.

Tips For Online Blackjack Players 

Gamblers who would like to have a great time enjoying online Blackjack will appreciate our tips. These useful hints will help you manage your bankroll and your time more efficiently, which as a result will help reduce risks during the game. 

1. Train for free

Do not neglect this advice. Of course, you want to test your chances as soon as possible when playing for real money, but you need to prepare for this. Learn the rules, practice strategies, and study the value of cards using demo mode.

2. Play on legal platforms

Everything is simple here — registration on a phishing site can lead to the theft of your money and the resale of personal data to third parties.

3. Do not drink alcohol

To play online Blackjack, as well as any gambling game, you need to be in good condition. If you are drunk, you will not be able to control the process and your bankroll.

4. Play within your limits

We do not recommend placing bets beyond what you can afford. Determine the maximum bet amount in advance and do not exceed it. The opposite is acceptable only if you use progressive game strategies.

5. Strategies may (or may not) help

Blackjack systems well known to gamblers can improve your chances of winning, but they do not guarantee it. In addition, not all strategies are recommended for players with a small bankroll and insufficient experience.

6. Put everything aside

Make sure that nothing distracts you from the game. This is especially important if you are playing from a mobile device.

7. Make the right choice

Online Blackjack has many varieties. Carefully study the rules of the variation that you have chosen so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises during the game.

8. Play fair

Do not use fraudulent programs to win online Blackjack game, the existence of which you may have heard about on the Internet. They won’t do you any good. Not only do you risk being blocked in an online casino, but such programs can secretly install viruses on your computer and steal personal and financial data.

Most Common Questions

No, Blackjack is a famous card game. You can find its varieties in online casinos.
Yes, you can play Blackjack for free at an online casino. This will help you learn the rules of the game, try out its strategies, and generally prepare for playing for real money.
Online Blackjack has quite simple rules. You need to know how the gameplay is built, and what is the value of each card. The rest you will figure out as the game progresses.
Online Black jack has many varieties. Say, Classic, European, Spanish 21, Pontoon, etc. In general, they have the same rules, but some significant differences make the game especially exciting.
Blackjack Basic strategy involves following certain rules as the gameplay progresses. You have to make a decision depending on what amount of cards you have on hand. For example, if the sum on the hand is 12 points, stand against a dealer up card of 4, 5 or 6, otherwise hit.