eSports betting guide for all!

Every inexperienced bettor who wants to earn money on betting has a difficulty in deciding which course to go, and which sport matches to examine and dismantle. eSports has recently grown in popularity as many thrilling competitions are hosted on various computer games that are not only entertaining to watch but also enjoyable to bet on.

However, in order to learn how to bet on eSports, you must first remember a few crucial eSports betting tips that may greatly help you increase your bankroll:

  • Before you begin, try to discover recordings of the matches of the team that interest you on external sources, and then compose a quick analysis of what you observed. This will help you to sketch out the essential aspects on which the game’s architecture is built.
  • Set less in advance and utilize more live choices. 1xBet is particularly useful in this respect because you can follow the match broadcast on their website, analyze the choice of heroes and strategies for the forthcoming game, and quickly make a choice and put a bet on an already passing battle.
  • Rely more on personal encounters of players and teams, because the team may frequently yield to practically everyone, but against individual organizations to play an uncomfortable game and always win. Such an example may be seen in Dota 2, where Evil Geniuses, regardless of the circumstances, always performed effectively against Virtus Pro.
  • Keep a look at the changes in the games themselves, as patches greatly influence the balance, as well as the strength of specific heroes, players, and teams. As a consequence, you must approach the study and monitoring of innovations that might qualitatively affect the game’s result with caution.

Next, let’s look at the most common sorts of eSports betting and what a newbie should focus on initially.

Disciplines in eSports in 2022

Disciplines in eSports in 2022

Bets on eSports will be available on the Internet in 2022. The most bets are placed on Dota 2, CS:GO, and LoL. Many tournaments with prize pools in the tens of millions of dollars are held on these computer games. Players bet on other sports less frequently:

  • Starcraft 2; 
  • Valiant; 
  • King of Glory; 
  • FIFA; 
  • PUBG; 
  • Call of Duty.

Betting in eSports is different from betting on traditional sports such as tennis and football, while in many respects it is similar to betting on more prevalent disciplines. To begin winning, you must first get a thorough grasp of all forms of bets.

The simplest bet allows you to pick the winner. It might be one of two teams or an individual eSports player. The amount of alternatives for selecting the outcome is directly proportional to the discipline being played. 

It operates on the same concept as other team sports. However, in this case, the handicap is based on the number of points scored by eSports teams.

It is most often utilized in Counter-Strike, where the bookie’s client must calculate the number of cards engaged during the game. When the total number of rounds of the conference is computed, the total is also obtained in other disciplines. 

Another CS:GO wager. It is decided here which eSports player from each squad would be slain first. 

The customer decides whether the meeting’s ultimate number of rounds will be even or odd. 

Everything is straightforward here. The player predicts how the eSports meeting will conclude. 

Investing in the entire event. The customer chooses who, in his perspective, should be the owner of the title.

eSports, like traditional sports, allow betting before or during the game. In the second situation, the chances of winning are better since you can see which team is doing well throughout the meeting.

Odds offered by bookies

Regardless of the sorts of bets used by the bookmaker’s customer, while selecting a bet, he will confront odds. They are a number that represents the likelihood of a specific result. The eSports betting odds are determined using the formula 100/X, where “X” is replaced with the percentage of likelihood that is affected:

  • analyst comments; 
  • penalties in other offices;
  • changes in team members; 
  • bet amount.

The numbers move the most throughout the meeting, but the finest eSports bets are given in this situation. A stunning example: the favorite lost in the first round, and eSports betting odds rose to him predictably, despite the fact that it is evident that he would win.

For bettors, eSports betting odds are incredibly essential since they assist in deciding how much money a player will gain if his wager wins. To determine a potential win, just multiply the wager amount by the coefficient.


eSports projections are available on specialized websites, where you may start when deciding on a bet. Experts are typically former eSports players from prominent disciplines or those who are highly entrenched in the subject. However, due to the relatively low popularity of eSports among betting men, it is difficult to locate good forecasts, and a bettor may come upon a reproduced text instead of an expert view.

How to correctly bet on eSports?

eSports betting may start at any moment. To do so, you must first register on the bookmaker’s website, validate your passport information, and fund your account. However, do not hurry towards earning money. You must proceed with caution when selecting a bookmaker and a specific bet:

  • See what eSports betting sites have to offer. 
  • Examine the chances, the action line, and the beginning bonuses. 
  • Do not rush to top up your account after selecting a suitable office. 
  • To analyze the risks, try betting on eSports with a free bet.

If you are willing to invest real money, research the opinions of experts on relevant websites before placing a wager. Remember that betting is a game of chance, and you may always lose. To enhance your chances of winning, you must select the best plan.

Nobody can guarantee that gains will be consistent at a bookmaker’s office. And it makes no difference whether bets are put on eSports or traditional football. We’re talking about wagering, so expect to lose your bets sooner or later.

Betting on computer games has the following advantages:

  • In small-scale events, good eSports teams can provide the worst results; 
  • Due to rapid software changes and an imbalance in new patches, weak teams can produce amazing results;
  • Each team has liked and despised cards that produce distinct effects;
  • Contractual matches are possible at regional tournaments with the participation of unknown players;
  • In some eSports disciplines, the in-game economy plays a significant role in the outcome of the round and the cards – the more money the team members have, the better their chances of winning the segment. For example, a team that has lost numerous rounds in CS:GO may have a chance of winning the game if the players have enough money to acquire powerful weaponry.

eSports live betting characteristics

eSports live betting differs significantly from traditional analytics in a number of ways. eSports is a particularly dynamic discipline; although in football, hockey, or other sports, “comebacks” are phenomena that, while not uncommon, are not permanent. But this is the norm in eSports.

One game lasts roughly 40 minutes on average, and half of the card lasts even less than 15-25 minutes. When anything goes wrong, it’s too late to rely on statistics; instead, you must consider other aspects. They vary based on the discipline, however, there are several that are universally applicable.

Pay attention to the pundits

Of course, you must keep an eye on the broadcast. Experienced eSports analysts always have a second monitor on which to run the game broadcast or a demo tape. In 80 percent of situations, commentators are former players who become streamers after finishing their careers. They first grasp the game completely, and then they assess it flawlessly along the way based on their expertise.

Consider the team’s morale

A competent analyst is also a good psychologist, according to the usual norm. It is critical to comprehend the team’s psychological approach to the game. The most vital aspect of a good game is morality. Regardless of the score, it can either save the squad or wreck it.

Be as impartial as possible

A very basic premise that every analyst, and indeed anybody involved in betting, must follow. However, it is the beginners that make the biggest mistakes in this location, putting ridiculously large bets.

Since eSports disciplines are only gaining popularity, not all offices are suppliers of the eSports betting app. However, the companies included in our rating of bookmakers are ready to please customers not only with bonuses and high odds but also with a large selection of events. Below you can find qualified eSports betting sites that will not let you down.

Our top opens one of the best eSports betting websites – 1xBet. It is a well-known bookmaker that offers active eSports betting online. The diverse 1xBet line is offered by a number of majors ranging from Dota to League of Legends, ensuring that each spectator may find a discipline to their preference. New clients, on the other hand, will receive a welcome bonus of up to $400.

Our next eSports betting app is Pin-up. This betting firm also formed the same-named online casino. Pin-Up now allows bets on eSports matches and is one of the most popular betting sites for Counter-Strike Global Offensive and other games. Although Pin-Up offers a user-friendly application, some players have complained about problems in calculating wins.

A bookmaker who always has bets on League of Legends and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The key benefit of Parimatch is the detailed action line and the user-friendly mobile software, which is accessible for both Android and iOS. Proceed to this eSports betting app to bet and win!

Another office picked by eSports enthusiasts. All professional Dota 2, and CS competitions are available on the company’s website, so there are never any issues with event selection on Melbet. Furthermore, the bookie provides new players with a nearly $400 welcome prize.

The benefits and drawbacks of eSports betting

The benefits and drawbacks of eSports betting

Positive moments

One of the benefits of betting on eSports is the wide variety of events available – unlike traditional sports, eSports tournaments are held every day. Furthermore, bookies provide a pretty broad list of the most popular events – it is not difficult to locate a good bet in a large list of eSports lines.

Another significant advantage of betting on eSports is what is known as an imperfect line – because eSports is a relatively new discipline, bookmakers do not always issue eSports betting odds that accurately represent a team’s prospects of success. Experienced bettors can readily spot the bookmaker’s error and win.

Negative moments

In terms of disadvantages, it is possible to discern low limitations — many bookmakers “reduce” the maximum bets on a certain match, particularly when it comes to games involving lower-level teams.

Another downside of betting on eSports is the possibility of technical issues – computer sports rely entirely on computers, thus matches may be delayed or canceled entirely. There are often unexpected substitutes in the lineups – if the league is hosted online, no player is immune to a power outage or a lack of Internet access at home.


To do this, it is enough to download the application of the necessary betting company, log in to the system and select the "eSports" section in live or pre-match. Next, open the desired game, add an event to the coupon, specify the amount of the bet and complete its registration.
Yes, earnings are possible provided that the bettor will be well versed in the game discipline, be able to analyze matches and properly manage his finances.

Final word

eSports has spread to other sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, and handball. eSports betting is popular among gambling because of the frequent dramatic outcomes, competitive quotations, and multiple broadcasts. Personal enthusiasm for computer games only serves to heighten gamblers’ interest in betting on eSports disciplines.