Everything you need to know about sports betting

Sports betting is a well-coordinated mechanism, although at first glance it may seem that it is difficult and not everyone can figure it out. What should a beginner remember? Do not lose your head in this abundance of bookmakers, and slogans with easy and big wins. It is not necessary to chase a big profit, it would be more reasonable to gradually achieve a permanent income, which can be further increased without great risks. Therefore, do not bet on everything, approach this issue wisely. It is very good to choose those sports that you like and you have a sufficient idea about them.  

Let’s take a closer look at how sports betting works. Regardless of the choice of the bookmaker or sports betting picks, this process will be approximately the same. People over the age of 18 are allowed to bet on sports – this is an important sports betting term by all bookmakers. 

Mobile Choice

Betting guide Mobile Choice

The choice of sports betting on online platforms and mobile applications is very convenient. Just imagine, you don’t need to be tied to the place and time of work of a stationary bookmaker. All you need is a mobile device at hand and the choice of sports betting does not seem so difficult anymore. 

Ratings and payouts

Choose reliable bookmakers with excellent ratings, additional bonuses, and stable payouts. Pay attention to welcome bonuses, licenses, and the time that the bookmaker is on the betting market. Proven bookmakers often have welcome bonuses for beginners, which will allow you to save on your first deposit.

Usually, within the framework of such a program, bettors can receive free bets, cash back, and other gifts for their commitment to the office.

When choosing sports betting platforms, you need to pay attention to security, and whether this bookmaker observes the correct confidentiality. This is usually easy to check by looking at a special mark.

Match Analytics

It is known that at the beginning of their way in betting, beginners place bets on their favorite team or athlete. For more successful bets, we recommend viewing the match analytics offered by bookmakers, evaluating the chances of winning players, and making your choice in favor of one or another team.

Before proceeding with the process itself, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with sports betting terms:

  • A person, as we mentioned above, is older than 18 years.
  • The bet can only be made from your personal account.
  • The person making the bet cannot be a participant in this match or event, as well as influence the outcome of the event.
  • Choosing a bookmaker. Then you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions of the selected bookmaker, as a rule, everyone has their own nuances.
  • Registration at the selected office. This is usually a fairly simple procedure with filling in special fields, which will take you a few minutes.
  • Identification and confirmation of identity. Most bookmakers offer to pass verification in online and offline modes. Sending documents to confirm the identity
  • You need to download an electronic copy of your passport, driver’s license, or PAN/Aadhaar card. This will prove that you have reached the legal age to place bets on the online site. Verification of your personal data may take up to 24 hours.
  • After confirming your identity, you will be able to make a deposit and top up your gaming account. This can be done using different payment systems: bank cards or online wallets.


You have to clarify the limits on the outcome of the match. Bookmakers often have maximum and minimum limits.

  • Click on the outcome, and enter the bet amount. The amount of the bet must not exceed the limits and exceed the balance on the gaming account.
  • You are completing the registration and waiting for the result of the match.
  • If the bet has passed, the money from the winnings will appear on the game account. They can be withdrawn through the payment system, or used for further bets. It is worth checking with the bookmaker about the withdrawal of funds, for many, as a rule, this is done through the same system with which you replenished your gaming account.

This is an approximate and universal algorithm of how sports betting works.

Every bettor, beginner or seasoned player, wants to make a good bet and increase their deposit. We want to give you sports betting picks that will help you succeed and not lose your money.

So, the size of the bet should not exceed the allowable losses. We would recommend doing it in trial (virtual) mode.

Now let’s look at more detailed sports betting picks.

  • Pre-match analysis;
  • Strategy;
  • Good odds.

It is worth betting on popular sports such as football, basketball, cricket, and tennis.

Football is the most popular sport, including betting. It is watched and adored by millions of people around the world, but it is not so easy to make money by betting on football. We advise you to choose one championship for betting because, in order to successfully bet on sports, you need to analyze each match in detail. And doing this with a large number of matches is simply impossible for a successful strategy.

Betting on cricket is popular even among those who never watch it. And all because of the dynamism and a huge variety of betting strategies for cricket matches. We recommend betting on cricket if you are familiar with such strategies, or are a fan of this sport yourself.

The bookmakers take the most bets just on tennis. And all because of the fact that a huge number of different competitions are held in the world at the same time.

When choosing a variety of betting strategies, you do not need to blindly follow abstract schemes that are effective only on paper. Supplement them with your knowledge, and experience, and take into account your own pre-match analysis for each event.

Remember the key principle of remote betting: it is better to lose a strictly verified bet than to win a random one.

Sports betting taxes

In legal stationary bookmakers, a tax is charged on each player’s bet. While online betting platforms offer a more loyal system in gambling. Sports betting taxes in applications will not be levied on every bet, but when creating an application for the payout of winnings. Net winnings will mean the withdrawal amount for one calendar year minus the last deposit.

Sports betting calculator

We save you time, so we want to introduce you to special betting programs – sports betting calculators.

Sports betting calculators allow you to make an effective turnover of funds and calculate various types of bets, estimate the optimal amount of bets in various strategies, calculate the profitability of forks, and determine the betting margin and return on investment, as well as convert coefficients.

The most popular sports betting calculators:

  • Express Betting Calculator – calculates the total coefficient of the express and the number of possible winnings. In calculating the coefficient, multiply all ordinaries from the first outcome to the last.
  • System rates calculator.
  • Fork calculator.
  • Catch-up Calculator (Martingale strategy).
  • The Kelly criterion calculator.
  • The calculator of valueless bets.
  • Bookmaker Margin Calculator.
  • ROI Calculator (Return on Investment ratio).

Sports betting odds

The outcome of the match and the probability of a bigger win is expressed using the sports betting odds. This value is not constant and bookmakers change them for various reasons. The higher the odds, the lower the probability of a winning bet, again, according to bookmakers. 

To make it easier for young players to navigate the abundance of betting lines, experts have created special calculators for sports betting odds. Working with such calculators is quite simple. You enter the margin and the probable, in your opinion, probability of events. The sports betting odds calculator will automatically calculate the real odds, as well as the probability and odds, taking into account the margin.

  • European (decimal) sports betting odds are common in Europe, and some Asian countries. If these odds are multiplied by the amount of the bet, we get the amount of the potential payout. So the coefficient can also be translated into the probability of an event in percentage terms.
  • British (fractional) sports betting odds – show the ratio of potential net profit to the amount you need to bet in order to get such an amount.

The decimal coefficient can be converted to a fractional one by dividing the numerator by the denominator and adding 1.

American sports betting odds (positive and negative):

  • Positive American coefficient – displays the amount of potential net profit at a rate of 100 conventional units. Such a coefficient can be converted to decimal by dividing its value by 100 and adding one. 
  • The negative American coefficient – shows the amount you need to bet to win 100 conventional units.  

To make it easier for young players to navigate the abundance of betting lines, experts have created special calculators for sports betting odds. Working with such a sports betting odds calculator is quite simple. You enter the margin and the probable, in your opinion, probability of events. The sports betting odds calculator will automatically calculate the real odds, as well as the probability and odds, taking into account the margin.

Sports betting lines

Sports betting lines

A big plus for the bookmaker will be the sports betting lines. After all, the greater the choice of the betting market, the more it is appreciated by bettors and attracts new customers. Players give their choice in favor of the bookmaker that will be interested in a wide range of sports betting lines. For greater chances of winning, the betting line should be taken into account.

It is also important to remember that for matches of prestigious tournaments, such as the Champions League and the Europa League, the action line will always be widely developed. If we are talking about a regional-level match, then the sports betting line will be painted with basic and additional match outcomes.

  • Team victory;
  • Draw;
  • Double chances;
  • Totals;
  • Standard handicaps.

More popular are those bookmakers that issue the so-called “early line”. It is the key to success for players who place bets on regional tournaments.

But what about the predictions?

And of course, we can’t pass by the sports betting predictions. After all, if there is a football, cricket, tennis match, or athletes’ competition, there will always be a prediction for the outcome of sports betting. And it doesn’t matter who advised you, a sports journalist or commentator, an experienced amateur, or just a passerby who worries about his favorite club, the choice is always yours,

if you seriously approach the sports betting predictions. 

Naturally, successful forecasters (professional sports analysts) who can boast of their statistics most often sell their forecasts for sports on closed sites, where you can subscribe to a newspaper, and you will receive the outcome of a sports event and the recommended bet and the amount of money. And the predictions for sports that we see on public access sites most often will not bring success in the long run. 

To summarize the above mentioned

Sports betting has long been not only entertainment but also an opportunity to receive winnings for those who are interested in sports, understand the nuances of matches, and analyze sports events. Bookmakers create pleasant conditions for attracting new players and also encourage already experienced players. Use the available tools not only to be aware of the chances of a team winning but also to remotely monitor the process and outcome of matches. Use the services of only proven bookmakers and sports betting picks, and we are sure that the result will not disappoint you.