What is over/under betting?

A few words about betting

Currently, betting stands out among other entertainments. This is because it makes people feel a lot of emotions while placing a bet. Recently, this activity has become even more popular due to its transition to an online format. Many bookmakers have created not only their websites but also applications that users from all over the globe can use, no matter what country the bookmaker belongs to.

To date, there are thousands of different sporting events, on the result of which anyone can bet. The profit from a successful bet depends on the odds offered by the bookmakers and also on the type of bet you have chosen. That is what we will talk about in this article. Below you will learn about the different types of bet and understand what over under betting means.

Types of Betting

Types of Betting

In all bookmakers, as we have already mentioned, you can choose any type of bet. Here you get familiar with the main ones:

Money Line stakesThis type of betting is the simplest compared to all the others listed below. By choosing this type of betting, you bet on the team that you think will win. Accordingly, if it wins, you make a profit. If not, you lose.
Parlay stakes This type of betting is extremely beneficial for any bettor, both experienced and newbie. The reason for this is that this type includes a set of several bets. To benefit here, you will need to predict the results of all matches in the set. It may sound complicated but for this, you will get a lot of profit.
Middle stakesMaking a choice in favor of this type of bets, you can get a good profit. In case of an unsuccessful bet, you will lose a little. The essence of this bet is that you wager on the spread on both teams of the game on separate lines to ensure that one or both of your bets win.
Prop stakesThe final result of the match does not affect this type of bet. It is placed on a specific event in it, which can be both related to an individual player and to the team as a whole. For example, which team will be the first to score a certain number of points or which player will perform a certain maneuver.
Teaser stakesA teaser bet is also linked to multiple bets. The main difference is that it is just for spot spreads and is supposed to pay out the same as a single normal bet, rather than a huge payoff. In the case of a teaser, this means “teasing” the multi-game spread for a few or more points in the player’s favor.
Point SpreadBy choosing this type of betting, you choose which team has the advantage. That is, here you do not indicate the specific result of the match but only the team that you think will have an advantage.
Over and Under BettingOver under sports betting is currently gaining popularity. All because this type is quite profitable. Over under in betting means that you are betting on the final sum of the points of the two teams, which will be lower or higher.
Futures stakesAs you understand from the name of this type of bet, it is aimed at predicting future events of the game. They can be completely different: victory in the championship as a whole, the number of points that a player will earn per game, and so on.
Live wageringThis type of bet stands out from all those listed in this table in that it allows you to predict the result of the match directly during it. So, you can place a bet after the start of a sporting event and before it ends.
Points wageringBy placing bets of this type, you will not be able to receive the same amount regardless of the results of your team. Here, your profit will directly depend on how much the team you have chosen has exceeded or missed the spread.

What does over and under mean in betting?

From this large list of types of betting, in this article, we want to draw your attention to the betting over under. Many people ask “What does over and under mean in betting?” We are here to explain it. As over under betting explained, it is the way you bet on a final sum of points, which will be either lower or higher. This will allow you to obtain a beneficial amount of money.

This type of wagering is considered quite popular, especially in recent years. Below, you may observe an over under bet example to be aware of what is over under in betting in detail.

Over Under Bet Example

Over Under Bet Example

The answer to the question “What does over under mean in betting?” has already been mentioned, now it’s time to explain what it is in practice. As you have realized, over and under betting means that you place a bet on the sum of two teams’ points. Let’s glance at the example:

Imagine that you place a bet claiming that the total of the match will be over 45. Thus, if the match finishes with the score 27:20, your stake will become successful because a sum total will be 49, which is over 45. Respectively, if the match finishes with the score 10:15, you will lose since a sum total in this case is 25.

Another example of an over under bet with the prediction on the under:

You predict that the total of the event will be under 30. Thus, if the match finishes with the score 5:9, you will win because of the total 14. But if the match finishes with the score 15:23, you will lose because of the total 38, which is over 30.

We hope that now the question “What is over and under in betting?” is fully answered now.


In this article, we provided information about various types of betting. It is necessary data for those who are going to become a bettor. We do believe that you have learned something new about betting over under. We hope that our review on over under betting explained you everything about this kind of activity clearly and you won’t have a question “What does over under mean in betting?”.

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Now with the full understanding of the over under betting meaning, you may choose any bookie you wish and try placing wagers of this type there. Good luck!


This means that you place a wager on the number of points that the match will end with. However, you place a bet not on the accurate number but on a period, for instance, “the match will end with the total over 45. So, what is over under in betting? It is about predicting the total number of points.
This type of wagering is easy enough because over under in betting allows you to predict not the exact result but highlight the period of the points total that the teams in the match can get.
From the over under betting meaning, you may realize that this type of wagering will be suitable both for beginners and experienced bettors. For this reason, we recommend you try it.